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21 yo



15 HH


UPDATE: Sadly our beautiful Aimee-Lee was laid to rest on 21st April 2021. We tried every option available to help her but her feet were too severely damaged after years of neglect. We are devastated we weren't able to help this beautiful, sweet darling girl but we take solace in the fact that she is no longer in pain. RIP beautiful Aimee-Lee.

WELCOME to CP “Aimee-Lee”! Because we already have an Amy!

This darling 21 yo girl came to us for urgent laminitis rehab a few days ago but has since been surrendered to CP to give her the best possible chance of saving her life.

Her vet exam and X-rays showed quite severe rotation of both the front pedal bones (main bones inside her hooves) along with some areas of calcification.

Although Aimee-Lee is already walking much better since she arrived, now that she is off grass, on some pain relief and on soft ground - her rehab won’t be an easy one.

Myself, our vet and vet farrier all agree that she is absolutely worth a shot and has a good chance of recovery to being pain free and sound with the right care.

This will require stabling in a deep stable, special diet, supplements, very frequent visits to vet farrier for extensive work on her hooves including hoof supports like our other Amy and regular X-rays.

All going well - we estimate her rehab to take approx 6-12 months as this is the time it will take for decent healthy hoof growth and recovery.

Aimee's owner wants the best chance possible for her recovery and so has agreed to surrender her to us.

Along with many X-rays - she also had her teeth filed, vaccination course started and worming program started.

As you can see - she is just the sweetest girl and has settled in so quickly and chats away to us all.

Our new girl has a long road ahead of her but I’m sure you will agree - she deserves every chance possible.

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