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This is beautiful Amy. She came to CP from a hoarding situation where she had been left to starve but the worst thing was Amy had a horrific injury to her coronet band plus a severely damaged hoof from another terrible injury. Sadly both injuries were left untreated and the pain this poor girl would have experienced would have been excruciating.

Initially we feared the injury just above the coronet band was a tumor however after having a biopsy done it came back as non-cancerous and just a nasty injury. We were very relieved to know it wasn't cancer and knew we would be able to treat the injury without any problems. However the injury to her hoof was another matter. X-rays showed that part of the pedal bone (main bone inside her hoof) is missing from an original injury some years ago.
The injury sliced through her hoof, coronet and pedal bone.
As a result her hoof grew back weak and deformed and was painful to bear weight.
X-rays ruled out any infection in the bone.

So we called on our master farrier Jordon Hammond to see what he could do for our girl. Jordon custom made a Z-bar shoe for Amy in the hope of giving her some stability on her very compromised hoof. Jordon also tidied up the other three hooves which were also in a shocking condition. We know it's going to be a very long and slow process to get beautiful Amy sound again but so far her progress is giving us so much hope for a wonderful future for her!

The video's above show Amy's progress with walking. She could hardly bear weight on her injured foot but a month later she is walking still with a slight limp but so much better. It's going to be a long road for this gorgeous girl but we are thrilled with her progress so far!

Amy 3.jpg
Amy's injury healing
Amy's injury healing

We are thrilled with the progression of Amy's injury. We initially thought it could be a tumour but testing proved not just a horrible wound!

Amy's horrific hoof
Amy's horrific hoof

This shows the horrific state Amy's hoof was in. Apart from the injury above the coronet band her actual hoof had another set of problems we have had to deal with!

Amy's horrendous hooves
Amy's horrendous hooves

Apart from Amy's horrific injury her other hooves were in a shocking condition too!

Amy's custom shoe
Amy's custom shoe

Our amazing master farrier Jordon Hammond crafted a custom Z-bar shoe for Amy