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Sweet Ana spent almost a year at Cindy's Promise. She was a very affectionate mare (and demanding). Her favourite thing to do would be to stand at the gate and bang it with her foot for as long as it took to get fed. Ana battled bouts of recurrent, bilateral sinusitis with each infection becoming more severe than the last. Due to the pressure of the swollen and inflamed sinus behind the eye - she also battled nasty recurrent uveitis (inflammation of the eye). After desperate attempts to clear up her infection with antibiotics and flushing, it became evident that the only other option was to have major surgery. Unfortunately Ana hated having her face touched so would not have coped with recovery after surgery. We decided it would not be fair to proceed with surgery and put her to rest, free of stress and pain.

Ana impatiently telling Cin to hurry up with breakfast!
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