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Princess Ashia in her throne








30 yo





This mare was one of around 12 horses on a property in rural vic.
Sadly the owner had died in his caravan home on the property but was not found for some time.
Eventually his niece was found and informed of his passing and told that it was believed he had left horses behind on his property.
She lives some hours away and reached out for help as soon as she knew.
She got in contact with a nearby rescuer Julie.
Julie went to assess the property and found that thankfully all the horses were in quite reasonable condition except this old girl who was in urgent need of help.

We headed up at the crack of dawn to meet Julie and collect the old girl.
And what a trooper this sweetheart is!
Despite her terribly emaciated state - she was not weak on her feet and not showing clinical signs of dehydration.
She has a decent heart murmur but wasn’t surprised given the emaciation.
But the tough old girl was otherwise bright and alert and happily walked straight on the float.
She travelled like a champ for the 3 hour journey. Me - not so much! I prayed the whole way that she would stay strong on her feet.
And she did!
We stopped several times for a rest and drink and nibble and in regular contact with our wonderful vets.
She has what looks to be an old knee injury which has calcified or fused.

We made it home and she settled immediately into her stable. Had a drink, pee and poo and constantly searching and nickering for food.
Nasty me will only give little bits.
She can’t understand this of course and looks at me with those beautiful big eyes begging me to feed her more. Sorry girl. Cruel to be kind.
She had a bottom sponge bath to clean her up and her weeping eyes bathed.
Her tail will be a work in progress.

So a big journey ahead for this girl.
Very very critical over next few days and coming weeks. But we will sure do everything we can to get her through. She deserves that.
The only reason this girl has been given a chance is:

1. Because REIN rescue cared enough to do what they could to help.
Not only did they help this girl but they are feeding and assessing and rehoming all the other horses on the property.
2. The wonderful lady (niece) who reached out for help for her deceased uncles horses (whom she didn’t even know).
3. And YOU PEOPLE who always always support a horse in need!

Ashia today.jpg
Above beautiful Ashia today
Ashia and Wally.jpg
Above Ashia and Wally enjoying a mutual grooming session and
below Ashia and best friend Mila
Ashia and Mila.jpg
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