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11 years




This stunning mare came to us as a private surrender back in February 2017. Belle was a favourite of the volunteers at CP. Especially Jo who shared many special moments with Belle as she would rest her gorgeous head on Jos pregnant growing belly.
A sensitive and special girl who falls hard for her fave people and horses.
Belle went off to her adoptive home in mid 2017.
Unfortunately Belle had a rugging incident in her home about 8 months ago and as a result - did a very nasty flap injury to her hoof and right through her coronet.
She was treated by a vet with a cast and bandaging for some months.
Belle returned to us very lame and sore on this foot and oozing with pus and blood.
She was such a good girl while I cleaned her up and gave her some pain relief.
We are very worried about what is going on in Belles foot. Our vet agrees that this infected wound and level of pain is a concern and wants to X-ray her hoof with contrast.

Despite being so sore - she was such a sweetheart whilst I cleaned her, treated her and put a poultice bandage on her. The poultice is in the hope that there is just an infection in the soft tissues above the hoof but we are more concerned that there is something more serious deeper in her hoof. For now our vet has her on pain relief until she is more comfortable and can be x-rayed. We are trying to remain positive - we are so glad to have our girl back where we can all fuss over her again.

UPDATE: Sadly Belle succumbed to her injury and was laid to rest on 16th April 2019. We had tried every option available to us to fight the infection deep inside her hoof but sadly it was too far along before she came to us. We are so devastated at the loss of beautiful Belle and she will forever remain in a special place in all of our hearts. Run free sweet girl - no more pain.

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Belle eating.jpg

Gorgeous Belle's ears wiggle when she drinks!

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