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18 yo



15 HH


Our beautiful new mare “Cheri” (sweetheart in French and given to her by an amazing supporter Jan) is home to CP.
She really is a sweet sweet girl.
Cheri has acute laminitis but is walking reasonably well on her pain and inflammation medication.
It looks hopeful that it was caught very early and hopefully hasn’t done too much damage inside her hooves.
She is quite obese but her owner has done well getting a little off her before she arrived.
Cheri is all settled into her stable with little Popeye keeping her company - as he does with all the new arrivals.
Our vet will be out in next couple of days to assess Cheri and do pregnancy exam as well.

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Cheri has a few issues arising from her being over weight - as you can see her neck has a number of fat deposits and is very hard. She also has a lot of fat deposits all over her body. If testing proves she is pregnant we will have to devise a very special dietary plan for her to ensure her baby gets plenty of nutrition but also for Cheri to lose some weight. 

We are also addressing her laminitis which we are hoping we have managed to catch in the early stages.

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