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I have found my forever home













Our dear sweet “Dabi” was a last minute save from the knackery yard earlier in 2017.
Apparently he was a trusty steed on a farm most his life. No longer needed and sent to the sale yards. No one bid on the older, skinny horse. A meat supplier purchased him - despite the fact that he rode quiet as a mouse in the busy sale yards. We were contacted at the last minute and agreed to bring him home.
The sweetest, most gentle boy.
Dabi settled into CP and got much stronger after only a short time and enjoyed soaking up the sun.
He had a few issues - mainly his teeth which Cindy suspected were horrendous. He didn't like his mouth being touched or teeth being looked at. Apparently he had been protective of his mouth for some time. Terrible to think he was still being ridden!

Also Cindy noticed he had what looked to be varicose veins on one side of his face and eye. They are more pronounced when he puts his head down to eat and then go back to normal when his head is up.
She also listened to his heart and couldn't hear a murmur so that was good news as these can result from cardiac issues - although generally bilateral with cardiac issues so she was pretty confident his heart was not involved. Likely secondary varicose veins from an old injury.
We were also told he has had this issue for some time. Our vets are pretty confident it's purely cosmetic in nature and won't cause him any future complications.
It didn't take him long to realise that he was in a safe and loving environment and we just allowed him to rest, graze and eat without any stress.
He is now very happy to be rugged and unrugged and we can brush him without him worrying what else is going to happen. The first couple of days the poor baby was very untrusting of people approaching him. Cindy suspected it was partially due to him being worried about being ridden and the pain he might feel in his mouth and partly because he had been shuffled between at least 5-6 different places in just a few weeks. Very confusing and upsetting for him. A very sweet boy this one and we all adore him.

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