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Sadly we had to make the hardest decision on 2nd March 2023 and help our beautiful Saph cross the rainbow bridge. Unfortunately the damage inside his hoof was making him so uncomfortable and there was absolutely nothing further we could do to ease his pain. These decisions are never easy when the horse is perfectly healthy in every other way and also when they are still young. It broke our hearts to help Saph gain his wings but knowing he is no longer in pain is a consolation to us.

Fly high our beautiful Saph!


This beautiful boy came to us with a horrible old wound on his coronet band that went untreated resulting in severe damage to the structure inside his pastern. Unfortunately x-rays show he has developed "ringbone"  and there are quite severe boney changes and Spurs evident as well.

The strange growth you see over his coronet is actually hoof wall growing at a strange angle because of the deficit in his coronet from the wound.

Sadly it’s way too late for us to do anything to reverse the damage that is done.

He is only ever so slightly lame now that he has been on some anti inflammatory drugs since he arrived.

He now has a special shoe and wedge on his foot to offer more support and low dose pain relief if and when he needs it but sadly he will deteriorate over time.

There would be no benefit to Saph by cutting down the old wound that has grown hoof wall and scar tissue.

It would be purely cosmetic and do nothing to improve the situation for him.

We won’t be putting him through any type of surgery purely for cosmetic reasons.

It’s heartbreaking for all of us to know that we can’t fix him but he is so happy already at CP and we will continue giving him all the love and care possible until he tells us that he is no longer happy.

Tragic considering he has only just turned 14 years old!

He is such a beautiful boy.

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