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Sadly Rumi found his way back to CP in September 2019. He had been adopted out but unfortunately it didn't work out so we welcomed our beautiful big boy back. He will be allowed to just relax and be a horse for a few months and we will assess him again and hopefully find a forever home for him where he will be loved and cherished! 

Rumi came to CP with Silver and at the time we were unable to show photos of both of them however, once the investigation into their previous lives was over we could happily show you what a stunning boy Rumi is!

He's absolutely thriving at CP and eats - well - like a horse!! 

Our new boy has arrived safe and sound.
Unfortunately we are unable to provide a lot of details or pictures of him due to him being seized from owner and ongoing legal situation.
I’m sure you will appreciate that sometimes we receive cases that we have confidentiality responsibilities to uphold.
What I can tell you is that he is a lovely boy, not old and needs our help.
He has a grade 3 heart murmur and his blooodwork shows anaemia and protein changes consistent with malnutrition and a large worm burden. He is thin but not the worst we have had so we hope for a successful rehab for this sweet boy.







13 yo



17 HH

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As you can see Rumi has come a long way since coming to CP. He's absolutely thriving and loving life. He is a very sweet boy who adores being groomed and loves all the attention we give him!

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