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Dior &



Number 65.........😒
This young mother (estimated to be around 4-5yo) and her tiny baby (estimated to be 2 weeks old) were until this morning (October 31st) standing in a knackery yard in QLD.
Today they are safe and in a beautiful paddock thanks to some amazing people.

These girls were brought to my attention when they were at a Queensland saleyard and were purchased by the knackery.
What upset me was that poor mum was not only in poor condition and a brand new mum but also suffering a nasty leg wound.
So the thought of her going through the sales and then standing in knackery yards was just too much for me to ignore.
I spent days trying to work out a way to help them but the logistics of being in another state were proving difficult - along with the fact that the mare is unhandled and terrified and needing vet treatment.
I was running out of options despite a few wonderful people trying to help me help them from Queensland.
But the fact that a very safe yard/paddock was necessary for an unhandled mare and tiny foal was proving difficult.
BUT at the last minute a couple of amazing rescue friends in Queensland stepped up and moved heaven and earth to help.
Angie and Brittany and their selfless, committed community of rescuers rallied to save her and organised their transport to a safe location where there is an experienced handler and where the mare can be assessed and treated.
One of our beautiful members Judy paid for them to get out of jail and only asked that the mare be named “Dior” in return and in memory of her own beautiful mare who crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday.
Little baby has been named Georgie by Angie who sorted the logistics to get them out.
Georgie being a friend of hers who tragically took her own life recently.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is that they are now safe.
Many people to thank for their work in the background.
They have just arrived to their safe house and we are yet to get photos of mum's wound but they are being assessed as I wrote this post.

What I would LOVE is a few amazing sponsors to help this pair in their rehab journey.
Mum and bubs will need vet assessment, worming, vaccinating, training and feed.
It’s not a cheap or easy project to take on and I would love to be able to help their amazing carers with some funds and support.
Updates on these girls will be posted regularly.

So if you would like to become a sponsor or send a donation - please click below or transfer to our account with the description - “Dior”  or "Georgie" and your name for receipt purposes.

Account Name: Cindy's Promise - Rescue and Rehab

Account BSB: 063 599

Account Number: 1084 8538

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Dior and Georgie at yards_edited.jpg
Safe at last! Beautiful Dior and her adorable baby Georgie
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