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Ebony was purchased from the saleyard with her 15 month old baby (Spirit). The pair were at risk of being separated on this day. Spirit popular due to his lovely colouring but poor mum Ebony destined for knackery due to her "plain" looks and stand offish nature. Ebony was extremely skinny and malnourished. She was ferociously protective over her precious son and had no trust for humans at all. It took months to carefully and gradually separate them. Ebony was a very challenging horse to rehab. Although at times she would be sweet and cuddly, she was also known to randomly charge with teeth bared. This unpredictable behaviour was extremely dangerous and for that reason, there was no choice but to lay her to rest after 2 years of trying to gain her trust. This was devastating as she was only 9 years old. She deserved the chance of a happy life and the CP team worked hard to achieve that but poor beautiful Ebony was just too emotionally scarred from her horrible past. 

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