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6 YEARS approx.



14HH approx.



Our beautiful majestic Arabian boy Gameel was given his wings on the 19th March 2021.

We are all absolutely devastated but we exhausted every option and this was the best one for him.

It’s very raw for all of us so it’s difficult to go into detail right now but I will do my best.

Gameel has undergone X-rays and extensive investigating for the last few months.

We have worked closely with our amazing vet who we trust 150% and also had advice from specialists.

When Gameel returned from his home recently - we were told that his dentist had mentioned that he had a tooth in the roof of his mouth but that it didn’t seem to be causing him any issues. He seemed totally fine in himself.

No problems eating, no issues with weight.

But I thought that was an unusual thing so had our vet come out to assess his mouth thoroughly under sedation.

There was no tooth in the roof of his mouth - however - there was evidence of a possible broken tooth right up the very far back of his mouth and up inside the gum line.

X-rays were needed to see what was actually going on.

These X-rays showed severely fragmented infected dead tooth up in the gum that was resulting in secondary bone / sinus infection and pain.

A tooth fracture might sound like an easy problem to fix but this was the most complicated dental fracture our very experienced equine vet had ever seen and was also involving the bone of his jaw.

Likely to have been caused by trauma to his face at some point in his past.

This tooth was Impossible to remove from the mouth.

The only option was a CT scan at a specialist hospital followed by complicated surgery under full anaesthesia both through the sinus and mouth.

This procedure carried very high risks including jaw fractures and/or haemorrhage not to mention a very invasive procedure.

High serious complication rates with that surgery and 3 months plus of difficult after-care of flushing his sinus and mouth intensively.

Given all of this information plus the fact that Gameel simply WOULD NOT have coped with any of this with his extreme anxiety & intolerance to anything even slightly painful - our vets agreed that euthanasia was the most fair and reasonable choice.

Gameel is a beautiful boy when relaxed and under zero stress but has serious anxiety issues when he is under pressure.

We sent him off to a professional trainer early on to see if we could prepare him for the possible procedure but nothing can change the way he reacts to anything he considers invasive.

He just snaps and loses his poor little mind.

I have no doubt that we made the right decision for him personally but it still hurts a lot.

He went very peacefully and surrounded by love in the usual CP way with his ribbons and plaits.

So.......... our long time followers will remember our gorgeous little Arab “Gameel”.
This darling boy was surrendered to us back in 2015 as a youngster who was purchased from the sale yards.
He looks rather different now that he is grown up and lost all his dark grey baby fluff but he is as sweet as ever.
He has been in a wonderful home for the last 4 years but he has come back home to CP.
His adoptive owner is very sad but an interstate move meant she had to return him.
He is just the sweetest little thing.
He has been a wonderful companion to another horse for the past few years.
So welcome back home baby boy.
Gameel would love a sponsor or 2 to help him on his new journey so please click on the sponsor me button below if you are interested in sponsoring this gorgeous boy.
Isn’t he just divine?

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