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First Aid Kit List

This is a suggested list of items for your equine

first aid kit


your horse

If your horse went missing would you be able to identify him and prove he was yours?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Bathing Your Horse

Lunging can be useful both for rehabilitation and training

The Horse Report February issue 44 pages of informative and interesting articles, news stories, advertising, photos and information on what’s new and, what’s happening out and about


All your frequently asked questions about healthy teeth and mouths

Feed Management

A guideline for managing your horses feed 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Plaiting a Mane

Variety of infographics on various horse health topics

Hoof Problems and what to do

With this comprehensive chart, find out the best next step to take during a hoof-related emergency.

Horse Identification Chart

Download and print this Australian Horse Industry Council Horse Identification Chart - it could just save you from losing your horse

A well-fitting saddle is crucial for your horse as well as you

Look back at the videos on a vast array of topics in 2017

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