Hope is an absolute sweetheart. She is a very talkative girl and greets everyone with extreme enthusiasm!
We rescued Hope in 2015 as an extremely emaciated case and we had to immediately put her on IV fluids but s
he had such a will to live. She was so sick and weak that she didn't even make it off the truck for the sales.

The simplest things would excite and please her. Her face would light up whenever anyone went to her stable. She has the happiest, most divine personality.
It was hard to comprehend how she could be so positive and happy about life if you saw her terribly boney, starved body - only weeks, if that, from death.

Hope ate several small meals each day and hay in between and she would eat every morsel of every feed. It was challenging at times to only allow her small feeds when she enjoyed it so much.
She had a very nasty knee injury but after  a course of antibiotics she healed very well.

Hope is one of the most lovable horses we have ever met - she just sucks you in so quickly!

Hope found her wonderful forever home in 2016 where she is being spoilt rotten!

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