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9 YO






Gorgeous Janice is back at CP after spending a few weeks with our trainers. Janice is absolutely beautiful with the sweetest temperament and nothing bothers her whatsoever. She has beautiful movement and would make an amazing eventing horse for an experienced rider. We all absolutely love this sweetie and she is enjoying being given loads of tlc with her hunky paddock mate King.

This sweet girl has joined our CP family after being abandoned on a property over 6 months ago.
We were called out to assess and help her.
Poor Janice was left on a property and was in an emaciated state with terribly over grown feet and fending for herself on 200 acres.
Thankfully a lovely lady who moved into the property discovered her and has done a great job getting some weight back on her but she is unable to keep her.
Janice is only 8 yo.
An unsuccessful TB racer who had her last race only around a year ago.

We couldn't turn our back on Janice as she has nowhere to go and she deserves a future.
So - Janice will be collected and taken to one of our foster homes for a couple of months to continue her rehabilitation.
We will get her feet and teeth sorted, have her assessed by our body worker for suspect sore back/ulcers and get her condition back to excellent health.
She will then be sent to our trainers to get her assessed under saddle for rehoming.
She is a lovely affectionate girl.

Janice today 1.jpg
Janice at Saddle Them Up.jpg
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