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14 approx




Sadly the damage inside Jenna's hooves proved too extensive. We tried everything to help this precious little girl but nothing worked for us and we made the heartbreaking decision to end her suffering on 22nd July 2021.

Fly high sweetheart - we will always love you!

This little cutie is Jenna. Believed to have once been a kids pony but sadly been suffering with severe laminitis for some years.

Only around 14 years old (not confirmed) - it’s quite tragic to see her so painful and struggling to walk.

We raced her straight to our vets who is so amazing and looked at her on his day off.

She was x-rayed and trimmed.

Not surprisingly - the X-rays showed severe rotation and chronic damage of both pedal bones (main bones inside hooves).

We are praying we can get her comfortable with some pain relief, regular X-ray guided trims and stable rest.

We do not know what the future holds for her just yet but what we do know is that she will be spoilt rotten and will be given every possible chance to recover and enjoy life.

She will have her teeth, vaccinations, worming and bloods done in coming weeks.

We will also be testing for any possible underlying cushings/metabolic issues.

For now she is in a warm soft stable and is being fussed over.

She has THE most adorable little personality.

She walked straight on the float and was a dream for the vet.

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