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Gorgeous old girl Lass came to us a few years ago under very sad circumstances. Lass was a very much loved pet of an old gentleman who absolutely doted on her. Sadly though, when the old man died, his widow had to sell the property and all the animals they had - which included Lass. Unfortunately an old, unbroken-in mare is very difficult to rehome and after trying numerous times to find a new home for her without any luck, she was booked for euthanasia! Luckily for Lass though, some people contacted Cindy to see if she could help and of course Cindy took her in without hesitation - the day before she was booked on her one way trip! Lass will live out her days as a much loved Golden Granny at CP. She is the boss of her herd which includes her best friend Amari, Neith, Ruby and Trum. We are so glad we were able to save Lass - she is an absolute sweetheart and we all adore her!

Sadly Lass succumbed to her age and was laid to rest on 27th April 2018.

Rest in peace beautiful Lass - we will never forget you!

Lass with her best friend Amari (left)
and fellow Golden Granny Neith (above)
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