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15 yo





Poor Lily has been through a very tough time recently. She was purchased from the sales by a lovely horse loving lady interstate.
When transport got to the yards they found that poor Lily could not walk properly and was falling over. It turns out poor Lily had a nasty accident on way to the sales a few weeks prior and split her head open as well as other places.
She was taken home and brought back to sales sometime later when her wounds were healed.
But she was clearly suffering some issues from that accident.
Given that she could not travel very far - Lily was taken back to the transporters property where she has had vet care and rest for a few weeks.
Lily’s owner and the transporter both contacted me asking if we could take Lily in to get her issues thoroughly investigated.
The poor dear is still very shaken up by her past trauma and is quite wary of people.
She seems to have lack of sensation and loss of proprioception in one of her front legs which causes her to trip over.
Very possibly as a result of her head trauma in the accident.
Our vet will be out in a couple of days to examine her thoroughly.
She also needs her teeth and feet sorted plus of course worming and vaccinating.

Although technically Lily isn't a Golden Granny, her condition means she will be with us for the rest of her days.

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