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30 yo



This gorgeous boy is Maverick. His case was being investigated but this beautiful, sweet boy was extremely emaciated. This meant regular around the clock small meals and lots of hay to build him up and to prevent refeeding syndrome. 

Obviously we have dealt with extreme emaciation before and each case is very different but he is receiving all the medical and nutritional needs required and he is loving being fussed over. When he hears us coming with his feed he calls out and has already started banging on his stable door demanding more!! This is very encouraging as well as endearing to us as it means he has lots of fight in him and he's going to need it. 

It seems when these very emaciated horses are being collected to bring home to CP they know they're about to embark on a wonderful new journey and although we were told he is difficult to float he almost ran up the float ramp. He arrived at CP with a good hearty whinny to all the interested onlookers and so his road to recovery began!

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