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13 yo





I was called out to an emergency call after a horse injured itself in a floating accident.
This sweet sweet mare sustained some very nasty wounds to both hind legs.
Sadly the owner can not afford to treat this girl and her only other option is the knackery.
After meeting this gorgeous young TB mare and tending to her wounds - I couldn't just walk away and let her life end.
The wounds are nasty but I believe we can treat her successfully. Our vet agrees that she has a good chance of recovery.
The worst injury will require some surgery and she will need intensive treatment and bandaging of her wounds for months ahead.
She also needs her vaccinations, teeth, feet and worming.
These injuries aren’t cheap to treat and they take a lot of time and hours BUT she is worthy of our help.
I have given her the name “Mila” - meaning “peoples love” as I just know our supporters will show her the love. This girl is a lovely approx 9 yo riding horse who was even trusted to have a little scared autistic child on her back.
She deserves a life line.

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