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Heavily pregnant brood mare "Missy" was rescued from a knackery yard. An amazing person "Tessa" saved Missy and another pregnant mare and they were sent to CP.

This poor girl was petrified of humans, completely unhandled and lashed out when approached.

She was sick with a nasty respiratory infection and incredibly stressed.

Baby "Holly" was born within weeks of her mum's arrival. She was a very small baby due to her mum being malnourished and having been stressed. But Missy had loads of milk and Holly was a fighter.

Dear "Missy" is very much enjoying life as a free woman these days now that baby Holly has grown up.

She still remains very much untrusting of humans but we hope with time and handling - we can change that.

Sadly Missy was euthanized on 20th March 2018  

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