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20 yo approx





Missy came to us with little Charlie. Both from the same property yet poles apart in condition. Missy was severely obese (Charlie extremely emaciated). Missy's obesity is as detrimental to her health as Charlie's emaciation is. She had a very cresty, hard neck and pockets of fat all over her body. We don't think we have seen a pony as obese as her so we have her on a strict dietary and exercise program and after 6 weeks with us she is slowly losing some weight but we have a long way to go. 

Surprisingly, despite never being seen by an equine dentist her teeth were in fairly good condition - just needed a quick file on a couple of sharp points. She was also very good for the farrier and he believes she has definitely foundered before and was close to foundering again before we got her.

She's a funny girl who gets a little grumpy with us sometimes but she loves to be scratched and enjoys having her mane plaited!

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