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24 yo





Beautiful Mist arrived in the wee small hours of 22nd April 2018. She was very tired from her 5.5 hour journey and we were very happy to finally meet this beautiful old mare.

Mist is a 23 year old unraced thoroughbred who has seen better days. She has come from a very dry area with no feed and we were her last hope - the sale yards and who knows what or where she would've ended up at next and we couldn't possibly let that happen.


She has done pony club and dressage in the past and has an extremely sweet nature.


We are so happy to have her come into our care. There appears to be a few melanomas on her which is a very common occurrence in grey horses but we will be giving her a complete vet assessment in the coming week and put together a care plan and feeding regimen specific to her needs. We're looking forward to getting this lovely old mare back to optimum health and sharing her journey with you.

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