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I have found my forever home



Beautiful 25yo "Myrtle" is living the dream in her forever home where she is companion to a cute pony.
She happily gives the kids horsey rides in return for cuddles.

Cindy traced Myrtle's brand - she was born in 1991 and last raced in 2001.
She won her owner $10,000 in her racing career after 5 wins in 28 starts.
Then as a 24 yo and with obvious old untreated racing injury - she was deemed useless and worthless and found herself about to be loaded onto the slaughter truck!
Myrtle had a traumatic few weeks and it showed on her face. She knew exactly how close she came to death!
Her swollen knee was likely an old untreated racing injury which has calcified her joint over time.
She wasn't in pain or lame - just obviously had restricted joint movement.
She is only a small package but a gorgeous one and we are thrilled that she now lives the most wonderful life!

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