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24 YO





One of the most determined mares ever to come to CP!

Back in March 2016 - we were alerted to a horribly emaciated mare with her colt foal in the saleyards.
When we saw her condition - we immediately organised her and her baby to be sent to CP.
At approx 20 yo - this girl was starving AND trying to feed her baby then thrown into the stressful saleyards.
We - of course - are glad that she was sent there so that we could help her.

Our “Neith” was a challenge.
Not only dangerously emaciated, with horrendous feet and teeth but she also had to be taught to even pick her feet up for the farrier as no one had bothered to teach her over her 20 years or so of being a breeding machine.
But she was one hell of a Mum!
She was extremely protective and loving of her baby colt “Fizz”.

Over several months - “Neith” bloomed into a beautiful mare both in and out and quickly became a much loved horse of all at CP.
Her very cheeky and mischievous baby was naturally and slowly weaned from his Mum once both were healthy and secure. He was gelded and handled and is doing amazing in his forever home.

“Neith” is a permanent resident at CP as she suffers terrible separation anxiety and will literally go through fences if she was to be separated from her elderly besties- “Lass” and “Amari”.
But here she is safe and she knows it.
She is a confident, loving, bossy boots who likes to be the centre of attention wherever possible AND don’t get in the way of her food!

Sadly - separation anxiety is a very very common behaviour of rescue brood mares.
Some of them just never get over it after having so many foals taken from them prematurely.

Neith with fellow Golden Granny Lass (RIP)
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