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I have found my forever home
Norm on arrival -
emaciated and a mouth full of ulcers








29 YO





Gorgeous Norm was a very difficult case that we took on in June 2017. It involved the RSPCA and some very tough decisions were made. 

Poor Norm came to CP in a horrifically emaciated state, had a serious heart murmur (that may or may not have developed because of the emaciation) and he had a mouth full of horrific ulcers.

He improved significantly in just 6 days with the right feed and care.
He gained weight very quickly and his tongue and heart murmur soon improved.

Today Norm is doing great. His grade 4/5 heart murmur is barely even audible now and his mouth completely healed.

He lives with his bestie Dabi and they are the sweetest and most gentle old boys and Norm loves to supervise the feeds to make sure they are made up correctly!!

UPDATE: Norm has found his forever home not too far from CP and is living the life of luxury and comfort!!

Gorgeous Norm today 
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