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Astro and Ollie at the saleyards
I have found my forever home
Astro and Ollie at the saleyards








5 YO





Cindy rescued Ollie (and Astro) as a tiny little baby from the sale yards in 2015.
The sight of these two confused and terrified little babies standing in the pen together will never be forgotten.
They had been taken from their mums at less than 4 months of age and thrown onto a truck full of horses and sent on the long journey from Sydney to Echuca sale yards.
Wastage from the standardbred industry.
We hate to think where their mummies ended up!

Ollie was desperately trying to suckle from his slightly older pen mate Astro in order to try and get some security. The confusion on their faces is unforgettable. 
These boys overcame so many battles early on. They arrived ABSOLUTELY terrified of people, malnourished, wormy, dehydrated and exhausted.

Gorgeous Ollie has found his way back to CP through no fault of his own and is again looking for his forever home with a beautiful family who will love him as much as we do!

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