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30 yo






This absolutely gorgeous little old man needed our help. He was lucky enough to have been rescued from the meat truck by a lovely human. He has come to CP for rehab.
We collected him and took him to our our vets for examination. Poor little guy was a bit thin and had teeth in desperate need of filing.
He looked to have had laminitis in the past and possibly be undiagnosed cushings.
We couldn't say no to this dear boy.
He was named by his rescuer as "Popeye".

After some months of careful management we were able to get some weight on him without aggravating his hoof issues. Popeye found a wonderful forever home with Cindy keeping a close eye on him to make sure his laminitis didn't flare up again but sadly this little boy just has to look at spring grass and his little feet were sore again. So back to CP again where he is under a very strict feed regimen and no spring grass!! 

Popeye is our security blanket for many of the new rescues we bring in and has a very soft spot for the ladies earning him the knickname of Hugh (as in Hefner).

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