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April Happenings



To all the beautiful people who donated towards the rescue of these two beautiful mares. It was a huge effort organizing the transportation and safe delivery of these girls to our sanctuary but they made it - Mist arrived on 20th April and Lily 28th April.

Firstly Lily's story - this poor sweet darling girl has had a very rough time recently. She is a beautiful 11 year old ex racing STB mare who was lucky enough to be purchased from the sale yards a few weeks ago by a lovely lady who planned to have her transported back home to her interstate.

However when the transporter arrived to pick her up from the sale yards - they noticed that poor Lily had lots of healing wounds over her head and body. It was discovered that she had endured a nasty transport accident on her way to the sales a few weeks prior and cut her head open quite badly. As a result - she was not sold at the sales and instead was brought back a few weeks later once the wounds were starting to heal. Not only did they discover these nasty healing wounds but this poor girl was not able to walk properly and was falling over and very uncoordinated. There was no way she could be transported interstate and was taken a short trip back to the transporter's headquarters and an immediate vet assessment was organised by the purchaser and the transporter. It is thought that poor Lily has some type of neurological issue as a result of her nasty fall and head trauma. She has been resting at the transporter's yards for a few weeks but has shown little improvement in her gait and is still very uncoordinated. Vets who have examined her are not sure exactly what the problem is or if it will improve or worsen. Both her purchaser and transporter have reached out to us and asked for help. Poor Lily needed to go to an experienced rescue where she would get a full vet assessment and ongoing vet and musculoskeletal treatment and everything she needs to recover from her emotional and physical traumas. So Lily came to us where our amazing vet assessed her and we will be doing everything we can to help her.

Our second girl is Mist. She is a gorgeous 23 year old unraced grey TB who desperately needed our help. We are told she has been quite well educated in her past but will require quite a bit of rehab with us before we will be able to confirm any further details.

We are so thankful to everyone who helped us rescue these two beautiful girls and we are looking forward to updating you all with their progress in their rehabilitation.

We also have taken on King. A spunky 15 yo bay TB gelding who has gone straight into foster care for a few months. King is an ex racer who has been a lovely quiet riding horse the last few years. He will get some time to rest and get all his health requirements up to date before being assessed under saddle.


Our beautiful old girl Ashia is absolutely blossoming under care. She is looking and feeling so much better. She still needs more weight on her but we couldn't be any more pleased with her progress!

Our beautiful boy Rumi is coming along in leaps and bounds. Rumi arrived at CP after being seized from his owner along with Silver - unfortunately due to confidentiality reasons, we are unable to show any photos of Silver because he is a very distinctive horse and only body shots of Rumi but as you can see Rumi is progressing beautifully.

He LOVES his food and is enjoying getting fed huge amounts twice a day! He also loves cuddles and pats which he gladly receives from everyone here at CP.

Below are three of our horses available now for adoption.

Beautiful Promise was born at CP over 2 years ago. She was lucky to be adopted out last year however she developed a very nasty abscess in one of her hooves which was too costly for her owners to treat so she was surrendered back to CP. We did some extensive work with our vet's advice on her hoof and she is now fully recovered and ready to find her new forever home.

Daijon is our gorgeous young gelding who found his way to CP after being at the sale yards as a foal. We have no idea what happened to his mummy but he arrived at CP terrified of humans. We have worked with him carefully and let him live as a happy pony without stress. He is a very sweet boy but definitely needs an experienced home to take his training further. He is currently with our trainer learning lots of new things and will make someone a very happy owner.

Janice is our first participant in our Rescue a Racehorse Outreach Program. She came into our care after she was found on a property that had been sold. The new owners didn't know what to do to look after her and so we thought she was a perfect candidate for our program. She is an absolute sweetheart and is currently at the trainers undergoing her rehabilitation to a new life as an ex-racer.

If you are interested in any of our horses available for adoption please either click the links below or visit for further information.

This month's adoptions are Holly and Chance. It's always difficult for us when we rehome our horses. Ultimately this is our goal - to find beautiful forever homes for our beautiful horses. However, Holly and Chance are very special to all of us here at CP. Both horses were actually born at CP. Their mummy's are Missy and Bella. Missy sadly was laid to rest last month due to numerous tumours developing on her leg and body. Both of these mares were rescued from the sale yards by a beautiful young lady named Tessa. Both mares were absolutely terrified and being pregnant as well they were in a desperately dangerous situation. Within weeks these mum's gave birth and were the most amazing mum's to their precious babies. Missy was the worst in trusting humans - even up till her death she just couldn't bring herself to trust anyone - Bella also has some trust issues but she is living at CP and loving her paddock mates and just being a horse. Both Holly and Chance have had lots of interactions and handling by us all and thankfully will never experience the horrors their mothers faced. The amazing news in their rehoming is the lovely Tessa who initially saved four lives in the rescue of Missy and Bella is now going to be mummy to both Holly and Chance! We couldn't be any happier and couldn't have picked a better home for our extra special babies! We would like to wish Tessa, Holly and Chance all the very best for their future lives together - we are thrilled!!!

Holly Holly and Missy Bella and Chance Chance

Sadly we lost two precious souls this month. Our oldest Golden Granny Lass who at 37 years old was with us at CP for a number of years. We noticed a few different things were beginning to show with Lass - a few weeks ago she developed quite a severe limp - we were worried that it was her time but after some healing hands from our body worker Dani she seemed to recover quite well. But she was also losing muscle and on a horse her age it is very difficult to build up. We knew that it would only be a matter of time when we would have to make that dreaded decision and that time came on Friday 27th April. Sadly that same morning another of our Golden Grannies Willow collapsed in her paddock after her back end couldn't keep up any more and we realised there was absolutely nothing we could do to help her except allow her to gain her wings. Willow was a very special mare to all of us - she had been rehomed however her owner became ill and asked us to take her back into our care in 2016. Willow had developed Cushing's disease which we were managing but like Lass, she too was losing muscle tone.

So our beautiful girls got their wings together. An incredibly sad day for us but we have shared so many years of love and joy with these girls. It was time to send them on to bigger and better things.

Rest in peace sweet Lass and Willow - we will always love you.

We also would like to welcome back beautiful Ollie. Sadly due to no fault of his own, Ollie has been surrendered back to CP. Ollie arrived at CP back in 2015 as an absolutely terrified young foal of 3 or 4 months along with Astro. These two little babies had been snatched away from their mums and sent to the terrifying sale yards. Little Ollie was so scared he tried to suckle from his not much bigger mate Astro. That vision is indelibly etched in our minds and at the time we just knew we had to help these gorgeous little babies. Three years on and Ollie is back with us. He has gone straight to our lovely trainer Brooke who will work with him and prepare him further to go under saddle. Whilst we are desperately sad his forever home didn't work out for him we are very glad that our forever contracts come into play and this little boy will never see another sale yard. Ollie will be available for adoption very soon.

Also we have our gorgeous Daijon come back home after spending a couple of months with our trainers. Daijon has done beautifully well and is available for adoption now but only to a very experienced home. If you are interested in adopting Daijon please fill out our Expression of Interest form and we will be in touch.

Welcome home beautiful boys!!

Yet again another busy month at Cindy's Promise! Thank you so much for your support - it is appreciated so much and without it we couldn't do half of what we do - so


All donations over $2 are tax


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