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Beautiful baby Promise 








7 YO





UPDATE 8/9/22:

Sadly beautiful Promise has come back to us through no fault of her own. She and Wally were adopted together however circumstances changed and they made their way back to us along with their paddock mate "Rhett" .

They all need sponsors so if you are in a position to help please click the Sponsor Me button below.

Promise was the first foal to be born at Cindy's Promise. Her mother Milly was rescued from the knackery yards in May 2015. Promise was born on 28th October 2015. Over time she was becoming an exact clone of her mother in both looks and nature. She was kept in our care until she was old enough and ready to go to her forever home.  Lucky for Promise she will never have to to go down the same track her poor mother did and will always be spoilt with love!

Sadly Promise has now been returned to us three times through no fault of her own. We are sad that this has happened but also pleased that, because of our strict adoption rules, she has come back to us instead of being on-sold! 

She has spent a month with our trainer and is now back with us for time to chill out so forward your Expression of Interest now.

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