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Ruby came to CP in July 2016 in an absolutely horrendous state.

A 27yo STB mare with very minimal handling and zero love or care.

Left to fend for herself on hundreds of acres with no human interaction.

This poor old girl was on deaths door.

Emaciated, terrified, suffering a horrible skin condition and hideously overgrown feet and teeth.

Ruby didn't even know how to lead or yield to pressure and would panic if you tried to touch her face or pick up her feet.

Over several months of love, patience and dedication - we began to gain some trust.

She gained weight, had her skin treated and her feet and teeth sorted.

Today Ruby is very healthy and happy but still panics when someone she doesn't know approaches her.

She loves a brush and cuddle from her very small trusted couple of people but still struggles to understand what humans want at times. Ruby will not trust anyone but Cindy to do anything with her at all and she still needs the vet to sedate her enough to relax her nerves for her feet to be trimmed - but she has come a very long way from the unhandled 27 yo we first met.

Ruby will never be suitable for rehoming due to her issues but she is so very happy living her days in peace at CP with her very best friend "Trum" the one eyed old pony.

Sadly Ruby passed away surrounded by love on 

6th March 2018. She was such a very special girl to all of us at CP and she will be so terribly missed. Never forgotten and forever in our hearts!

Poor Ruby arrived in a shocking condition - emaciated with an awful skin condition and terrible teeth this poor old girl was left to fend for herself.
18 months later she is fully recovered and living a wonderful life with fellow Golden Grannies and her best mate 30 year old Trum.
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