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The video's above show Amy's progress with walking. She could hardly bear weight on her injured foot but a month later she is walking still with a slight limp but so much better. It's going to be a long road for this gorgeous girl but we are thrilled with her progress so far!

Ruby and Rosie 3.jpg
Ruby and Rosie.jpg








10 yo approx





Meet gorgeous mum Ruby who came to CP with her very cheeky little 8 week old baby girl Rose.

These 2 little minis came as surrenders due to their owner (who has only had Ruby for 12 months before she had a foal to their stallion) being unable to keep them for various reasons.

Baby “Rose” has a congenital condition called “wry nose” - just like our Twister - only fairly mild.

Ruby and Rose will be given some time to settle in before getting their vet checks, and dentals etc done.

Ruby has a sad history of being chained up and teased by children. Not her last home.

She is such a beautiful quiet girl to handle but she gets quite uncomfortable if she sees children approach her.

We have no doubt that in time we can show her that not all children are mean.

She is a very doting mum to her gorgeous sassy little filly.

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Rosie and Ruby 3.jpg
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