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Sponsor a Horse 

Sponsor a CP horse for just $12.50 per week!
Sponsoring a CP horse is a very rewarding way to help!
We have many horses in care at a time.
Some are temporary and others are permanent
due to various medical or psychological reasons.
Your sponsorship helps to provide the best of
everything for your chosen horse
AND you get the privilege of visits, a photo of your sponsor horse and a CP pen.

Current Horses Needing a Special Sponsor

Sponsor Anchor 1
We also have our
where you can sponsor one or more of our senior residents for just $15 per week! 


Our "Golden Grannies" sponsor program is designed to help support our long term aged residents who have been deemed not suitable for rehoming for several possible reasons such as:  separation anxiety,

age related conditions, psychological issues etc.

These special oldies need a permanent place to call home,

a place to retire, a place to feel forever safe.

Our oldies need sponsors to help meet their ongoing costs like

feed, farrier, dentist and chiropractor.

They are all on an excellent joint supplement to help keep their

ageing joints as healthy as possible.

These older horses are the most giving souls who live for

human interaction and attention.

They deserve the remainder of their lives to be happy, safe,

loved unconditionally and surrounded by their friends.

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