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25 yo




Our beautiful Stella was laid to rest 15th February 2022.

When stell bell arrived we knew we wouldn’t have her for a long time. Sadly she came with malignant cancers over her vulva, chronic uveitis in both eyes and was blind in one eye and limited vision in the other.

Stella had the most amazing time at cp. She attached herself to Mav who put up with her but didn’t exactly love on her. But then Vino arrived.

Stella just adored Vino and followed him everywhere. He also adored her back.

They ate together, grazed together and cuddled together until the very end.

Stell was a very cheeky girl who loved her food.

She would guts her food down in record time so she could go and take everyone else’s.

Then she would quietly go and share Vino's who would not let anyone but Stella near his tucker.

We are so glad she had the opportunity to be loved by so many and enjoy her final days to the fullest.

Stella is the sweetest most gorgeous girl but I’m very worried about her and a little overwhelmed with sadness right now.

We knew she had ERU (equine recurrent uveitis) which is essentially inflammation of the middle of the eye.

But I had no idea just how bad.

Her bad eye is a disaster, she has no sight at all and is quite painful and would have been for a long time.

I have no doubt at all that the eye needs removal ASAP.

Her other eye is a little inflamed and sensitive but she at least has sight.

Sadly we discovered she also has nasty masses all over her vulva.

She was immediately started on pain relief.

She has a full belly and is happily grazing with Mav and Trum (who are acting as if she doesn’t exist ).

Our vet will be out to examine her ASAP and we will decide what is the best plan for her.

I have not given up on her but I also will not allow her to suffer and will be guided by our very experienced equine vet.

Stella is so sweet and allows us to put creams in her eyes and around her vulva without blinking an eye! We think she is feeling much more comfortable and is enjoying being loved on by all our loving volunteers!

Whatever the outcome for dear Stella, she will be showered with love, fussed over and given every opportunity with only the best of everything to ensure she lives out her days happy, well fed and as pain-free as we can possibly make her. 

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