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38 yo





Sweet little Trum is a gorgeous 37 yr old white, welsh pony gelding.
He was a little thin and desperately needed his feet and teeth seen to but otherwise we weren't too concerned.
With a bit of weight and TLC - we thought he might look like Princess Stardust's Prince Charming?!!

Trum came to us with his best friend Tam

however she was in a much more concerning state. Tam was a tiny and absolutely divine

25 yo pony.
Her condition was very deceiving and sadly she was just too far gone for us to help pull her back and we helped poor little Tam cross the Rainbow Bridge. 
Tam and Trum had lived together as kids riding ponies for a long time and absolutely adored each other. Trum was clearly devastated by her death.

We recently had to remove one of Trum's eyes but he has adjusted very well to life as a one eyed pony.

This gorgeous little boy still lives with Cindy at CP and he is in the Golden Granny paddock and has a very strong bond with our beautiful Ruby.

Trum and best friend Ruby with fellow Golden Grannies Lass, Neith and Amari
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