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I have found my forever home








11 yo





Previously named "Whiz Bang Whollop" in the Standardbred industry!
Whiz was wastage of the harness racing industry at just 7 years old!
He was not a successful racer so was on his way to the Echuca saleyard. Likely off to be slaughtered with the other thousands of Standardbred wastage!
But he was very lucky to have been purchased by some friends of Cindy's before he reached the yards!
Cindy fell head over heels in love with him the minute she saw his photo and couldn't imagine life without him!!
Says Cindy: "He is a massive spunk and a gem to ride (yes ok he is very sprightly and I wouldn't put anyone else on him) but I love his fizzy attitude. Always kinda liked riding a challenging horse!"
But he is a gentle and sweet boy and doesn't blink to have a child lead around on him!
He is the most curious horse and has to be involved in anything going on!
Whiz got suddenly and critically ill a few years ago with an uncommon type of peritonitis! Cindy thought she was going to lose him! She got him to equine hospital immediately for hospitalization, ultrasound, IV fluids and intensive treatment!
A week later he had recovered and came home!

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