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Gorgeous Willow came to us in 2015 as a very sick horse.

The only interest she had was the knackery.
But Cindy felt an instant connection when she saw her and had to bring her home safe.
A 23 yo ex racing TB in a very sad state indeed. Rain scald, lice and untreated transport wounds.

She got quite sick with peritonitis not long after arriving at CP but she fully recovered and was soon healthy and happy and ready for her new home.

Sweet Willow was adopted in 2016 however her new owner became unwell and asked us to take not only Willow but beautiful grey gelding Milk who had a number of grey horse melanomas. We knew we had to help Milk too so after some shuffling around we took both these beautiful horses in. Milk has since recovered from his melanoma surgeries and has found his forever home! Willow has grown a very thick woolly coat which we have a suspicion that she has developed cushings disease which we will manage if that's the case. In the meantime she has been clipped of her woolly coat to make her feel much more comfortable!

Sadly age got the better of beautiful Willow and she was laid to rest 27th April 2018. Rest in peace sweet girl.

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