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Cindy's Promise is a registered not for profit charity that began after founder Cindy Cattach purchased Whiz - a six year old unsuccessful ex-harness racer who was on the truck to the knackery.
Luckily Whiz was rescued at the last minute and was to be the very horse that opened the eyes and the gates to many more just like him.
Cindy adored her new standardbred horse so much so that she decided to look further into the fate of these horses that were deemed no longer useful or profitable in the racing industry.
Cindy's love and passion for animals has been from a very young girl and only grown stronger. In fact - Cindy's entire career has been in the animal industry, nursing animals of all species.
You can read more about Cindy and her plight to buy, rehabilitate and rehome many beautiful horses otherwise destined for pet food or exported for human consumption in the article on Page 18 in Vet Practice below 
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