Life at Cindy's Promise

Life at Cindy's Promise is just the beginning for our beautiful horses. 
As you can see we also have some other lucky residents of the non-horse type.  We have 2 gorgeous pigs "Lucy" and "Lola", some very appreciative
 ex-battery chickens and a cheeky goat "Fluffy"
 who all live a wonderful life without ever having to face the horrors, abuse and neglect that many of them have already experienced.
Our equine residents come to CP via a variety of different routes; such as being surrendered by private owners or after being rescued from
saleyards or neglectful situations.
On arrival - each and every horse is carefully quarantined and thoroughly assessed.  Each horse is assigned an individual rehabilitation program which includes an individual feeding and supplement plan, medical/vet care needs, farrier and dentistry care, a worming program, vaccination program and musculoskeletal care schedule. 
On completion of rehabilitation - each horse is assessed for rehoming possibilities and commences handling/riding/assessment with our trainer. 
Suitable horses are adopted out on forever adoption contracts where they cannot be on-sold or leased out and must be returned to CP if circumstances change and the horse cannot be kept. Our horses are monitored and checked
on in their forever homes.
Although we would like to rehome every horse into a loving forever home - sadly some horses are deemed unsuitable for rehoming due to reasons such as psychological/behavioural issues, separation anxiety or ongoing medical issues.
These horses are either sent to one of our foster homes or become
long term residents at CP.
Check out our gallery of pics below to get a glimpse of the work we do at CP......

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