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Sadly we lost our beautiful Bella on 12th June 2022 to the horrible condition of colic. When she was found to be very distressed on that dreadful day our vet was immediately called and after examination it was determined there was nothing we could do but give her her wings. These difficult decisions make it a very hard loss to take - so suddenly and so unexpectedly. She was such a beautiful but timid girl and so very sadly missed. Run free our beautiful Bella - forever in our hearts!


Our "Orabela" AKA "Bella" was rescued pregnant from the knackery yards in January of 2016.

This poor girl was barely handled and terrified.

Her life spent as a breeding mare and thrown away like trash with her precious baby growing inside her.

Bella gave birth to a gorgeous colt in May 2016.  Bella was not producing milk and her baby soon became weak and we were forced to intervene.

Baby Chance was rushed to our vets to receive IV Fluids and a plasma transfusion as he had not received any colostrum milk from his mum.

Poor Bella was so stressed that we had to take her baby but it was the only way to save his life.

Cindy sat up all night with Chance and bottle fed him.

The next morning we were so unbelievably excited to discover that Bella's milk finally came in!!!

We immediately gave her baby back and he couldn't wait to drink his mummy's milk.

Bella is an incredibly loving and protective mum. 

We are still working on gaining Bella's trust as she has had many bad experiences and struggles to warm to people.

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