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35 yo approx.





Our dear little Charlie was given his wings on the 8th June 2022. Sadly his little legs kept giving out on him and it was a struggle for him to get up again. The stress this caused him was too great and we made the heartbreaking decision to send him over the Rainbow Bridge. Although he was a tiny wee man he had the biggest personality and so much fight in him and we miss his funny little antics around the farm where he thought he was a 17hh TB stallion!! We love and miss you so much our little Charlie Bear!!


This is dear little old man Charlie. He came to us with Missy in a severely emaciated condition. Sadly he has virtually no teeth and what he does have are just little stubs so eating for him was very difficult. We have him on a yummy porridge - many little feeds throughout the day which he enjoys immensely. He always runs to us when he sees us bringing him his food and although some days he takes what seems like an age to get through it - it warms our hearts to see him enjoying it so much! He is slowly gaining weight and we have started him on a worming program due to a huge worm burden. It is always a worrying time as they can colic quite easily which unfortunately Charlie did but a night on IV fluids at the vets and he came home with a whole new pep in his step.

We have a long slow road to travel with little Charlie but his will to live proves to us that he is well worth the time and effort and we can't wait to see him with a lot more weight on strutting his stuff around the farm!

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