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I have found my forever home







15 years




I was alerted to Lexi and another horse (Paxton) by Whittlesea council after they asked me if I could take them. We are absolutely full and have no space but they had been abandoned - I couldn't turn my back on them!

They were brought to a property where their owner was eventually asked to leave. He did but left them there. The property owner wants them gone - they have no-one so I had to do what I could to help them. I rang every rescue I could think of - everyone has the same story - all full and very limited funds. I eventually managed to get one of our amazing fosters to take them so they will be trucked there asap. In the meantime I have been visiting them twice a day to feed them and make sure they have water etc. I will have my vet and farrier out to see them before they are moved because their teeth and feet are horrendous.

So we have very limited information about them - Lexi is 14 years old. She is a Standard Bred Mare and is very sweet. I'm not sure if she is related to Paxton but they both have little white spots through their coat so they could possibly be mother and son.

Paxton and Lexie.jpg
Lexie 3.jpg

Lexi and Paxton waiting patiently for their me to bring their feed

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