UPDATE: Sadly we laid Milky to rest on 31st July 2019. Our beautiful boy started to walk strangely and began stumbling. We think the cancer had spread to his brain stem which affected his ability to feel his legs. We will miss this absolute sweetheart - he was such a loving and gentle big boy and he will be forever in our hearts.


What a spunk “Milk” is!

Milk was once a racing horse. Known as “Milkshake” - this boy won over $432,00 in his career.
This sweetheart was rehabilitated at CP and found his forever home however sadly he was surrendered back to CP as his new home was struggling to keep his weight on. He also is in need of having surgery to remove some more melanoma's that have appeared. Milk had undergone surgery at our vets when he initially came to CP to remove multiple melanoma lumps from over his body.
He healed beautifully and was looking great but sadly he has more that need tending to. Melanoma's are a common occurrence in grey horses and Milk will have to be monitored constantly for the rest of his life - but he is totally worth it - we all adore our beautiful Milky boy.

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