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7 yo





Big Red really is quite breathtaking.
A gorgeous BIG strong red head with the softest eyes.
He was just a baby and found himself in the saleyards with many people believing he should be euthanised. It was thought he had Wobblers Syndrome which can be devastating depending on the severity. Wobblers Syndrome is a catchall term referring to several possible malformations of the cervical vertebrae that cause an unsteady (wobbly) gait and weakness in dogs and horses. A number of different conditions of the cervical (neck) spinal column cause similar clinical signs.  Red has a mild case - almost to the point you wouldn't know he has anything wrong with him. His most pressing issue was he needed immediate removal of 2 big lumps!!! So - he was booked in for gelding and had a full vet exam and foot work up at the same time.
He is very steady on his feet considering the state of them. He moves around without any issues.

Cindy certainly wasn't overly concerned about this boy at all. Red has absolutely thrived at CP and has become the herd leader along with mumma Aura, her baby Toast and his best mate Twister - who Red constantly looks out for.
It's hard to believe so many condemned him to death without seeing him in the flesh.
He is quite magnificent and we all adore him!

Beautiful Red looking after best mate Twister
Gorgeous Red and his paddock mates
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