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I have found my forever home













"Snow" is a 22 yo pony recently diagnosed with Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) or as more commonly referred to as Equine Cushings Disease and Insulin Resistance (IR) commonly referred to as Equine diabetes.
PPID and IR are both serious medical conditions that require treatment with costly medications, significant lifestyle/diet changes and regular blood tests to monitor effectiveness of meds.
When Cindy received a desperate plea to help this sweet girl she knew immediately that she had to bring her into care.
Her photo gave Cindy shivers at the unbelievable similarity of this pony "Snow" to our precious "Stardust" who we devastatingly said goodbye to some months ago.
Snow came from a very loving home who were simply struggling to make ends meet with the costs of two very expensive medications, expensive vet bills, special feed, more than normal farrier costs, twice daily medicating and the stress and worry that comes with caring for a cushingoid diabetic pony.
She had been extremely well cared for and loved and it was a very difficult decision for them but her serious medical issues were just beyond what they could continue to provide.

Little Snow cannot eat grass or anything else that contains sugar or she can get very sick very quickly. 
This girl is absolutely divine and immediately settled into life at CP.

She has found a wonderful forever home where she is spoilt rotten!

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