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Tiny Temby was saved from the knackery yards in 2014 as a tiny, tiny 6 month old colt. He arrived very sick and with a massive worm burden and a fractured pedal bone in his hoof. He was immediately stabled and treated for 6 months. 
Temby was essentially raised by our beautiful Big Humphrey who we sadly lost to cardiac failure in 2015.

Temby was adopted to his forever home in 2016 as a super healthy, well handled, gorgeous gelded yearling.

Temby was always a mischief maker and we would often find him in a different paddock to where we last left him! It seems his cheeky personality hasn't changed when his current owner wrote:

"It's so good to see just how far he's come and YES he is so mischievous and cheeky! Temby is our no. 1 rug wrecker (his and everyone else's), he breaks into the feed shed daily, he runs me off my feet trying to catch him but will walk up with his head down to his 4 year old owner and he'll be in my face the days that I really don't need him to be - he's one in a million and we love him to bits - thanks for trusting us with him xx"

I have found my forever home
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