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Sweet little Twister is an absolute favourite with us here at Cindy's Promise. His sweet, gentle and cheeky nature wins everyone over. Twister was born with "Wry Nose" - thought to be an in utero deformity.

Wry nose is a condition where the upper jaw and nose is deviated to one side.

Severe cases of wry nose can cause complications with breathing, nursing and eating and often need surgical intervention.

Sadly most foals born with this condition are euthanised.

Twister has a fairly mild form and has no problems breathing or eating.

He does however need more regular dentals to ensure that his incisor teeth are kept filed so he can continue to graze effectively.

He runs and rumbles with his herd mates and has no idea he is different

Turn up the volume and hear this funny boy snoring his cute little head off!

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