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May Happenings

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Yet another busy month for May at CP. Kicking it off was our Annual Gear Sale! What a great turnout we had and we raised $1400 in much needed funds!!

So thank you to everyone who came - we are so grateful for your support and glad some of you managed to find some real bargains!!

Norm (left) says he hopes you found your babies some nice warm rugs for winter!!


Another big thank you to everyone who donated to help Wally. We managed to raise enough funds to bring this beautiful boy home to CP and to get his badly injured leg seen to.

Wally is an absolute sweetheart (unless he's eating - he gets his cranky pants on if you get too close!!) but he's adorable and we're really looking forward to bringing this beautiful young boy back to his healthiest, best self. We just know he will make an amazing horse for someone who wants a lovely big gelding to go eventing or trail riding and at the age of only 7 he has a long life to live! But first we have to get his leg fixed. It is a nasty injury and it has been too long without any sign of getting better but with the right veterinary care we are confident we will be on top of it in no time. He also has some teeth issues so we will be getting them taken care of and he will fill out nicely once we do. Below is the injury - apologies for the graphic nature of these photos - the first photo shows a large area of proud flesh - without proper management injuries such as Wally's develop proud flesh which inhibits proper recovery which explains why this injury hasn't healed in the six months since it happened. The only way of fixing this is to surgically remove the proud flesh by a vet as shown in the second photo - this will ensure healthy tissue will now grow and with the correct after care Wally's injury will heal much quicker. It is imperative that serious injuries are handled correctly and under vet supervision. It was terrifying some of the home remedies that were suggested to me to help Wally's injury - some of which were the exact reason that this hasn't healed properly. I know people have the best of intentions but injuries such as this HAVE to have the correct management under a vet's care and we will never resort to home remedies no matter how successful they may have been without full veterinary consultation first. Anyway moving right along - Wally also had his teeth properly filed so he will be feeling so much better and it will be wonderful watching this gorgeous boy thrive.


Both of these gorgeous girls are continuing to thrive. Mist had a couple of melanomas removed from her bottom and has recovered very well. She is still on three big feeds a day which she is loving and is slowly gaining weight.

Beautiful Lily is coming along nicely too. We have had her undergo musculo-skeletal work by our amazing body worker Dani Simmonds from Holistic Horses. Lily absolutely loves these treatments and quite happily stands there enjoying her fully body massages!


Hello Goodbye!

Lots of movements this month with Holly and Chance going to their forever homes and Daijon and Silver changing places at the trainers. We've been doing lots of work with Daijon and both of us are thoroughly enjoying the sessions. He's an absolute sweetheart and so eager to please. He's going to need someone very special who will continue his training and we definitely won't let him go until the perfect home is found and in the meantime we'll keep spending lots of time with him and loving every minute!!! We're very keen to hear how Silver is going at the trainer's. We've had to keep his identification secret due to confidentiality reasons because as you can see from his rear end he's a beautiful palomino and very distinctive. Absolutely gorgeous boy and we're definitely hoping he will go well under saddle - so watch this space!!

Holly and Chance have settled well into their forever home. As mentioned previously they have been adopted by the beautiful young lady who initially rescued their pregnant mums. Both of these babies were born at CP so they are very precious to us and we couldn't be happier hearing how well they are doing!


At the trainers!

We're very excited to also have our beautiful Ollie undergoing training with our fabulous trainer Brooke and our Rescue a Racehorse Outreach Program participant Janice who is being assessed under saddle at Saddle Them Up Education. Both are going extremely well and will be ready for adoption in no time. We will keep you all updated and let you know when we will be accepting applications but if you can't wait fill out our expression of interest form here!

Our gorgeous boy Ollie going through his training with our lovely trainer Brooke.

And beautiful Janice looking amazing going through her paces with Saddle Them Up Education!


CP Travel Mugs

If you're anything like me I run on coffee!! And after spilling numerous cups around the sanctuary I thought it's time to get our very own Cindy's Promise Travel Mugs!! You can pre-order them through our website or PM direct and we'll take your order. They come in pink or blue and are almost half a litre!!! That'll keep me going for an hour or two! They are just $25 each + $5 shipping.


Winter is here!

Winter has definitely hit and our oldies in particular are loving having their nice snuggly rugs on. And it seems Mist has found a new way to wear hers!

Below we have adorable Mist, Matilda, Trum, Rumi, Porsha, Popeye, Lily and Amari all looking resplendent in their colourful rugs!


All donations $2 and over are

tax deductible!


That's all for May

Another busy yet productive month at CP.

Thankfully no major dramas and all of our residents are happy, healthy, warm and much loved!

Thank you again to everyone who has donated, sponsored and supported us. Donations are much needed and most appreciated - we couldn't do nearly as much as we do without your support. And also thank you for taking the time out of your day to catch up with our monthly updates. So much happens here at CP through the month and it is our pleasure to share our experiences with you all.

Until next time - hope you all have a wonderful month - stay warm!!

Cindy xx

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